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Toll Road - PT Marga Harjaya Infrastruktur

PT Astratel Nusantara acquired 100% of PT Marga Harjaya Infrastruktur (ASTRA Infra Toll Road Jombang-Mojokerto) in August 2011, the concession holder of the 40.5 km Jombang - Mojokerto toll road. As part of the Trans-Java toll road network, this toll road is an important link between East and Central Java. It has been operating in stages.

Jombang-Mojokerto Toll Road has been operated gradually. The 14.7 km long Section 1 has been in operation since October 2014, followed by the 5 km long Section 3 in November 2016, and 19.9 km long Section 2 in September 2017. The 0.9 km long Section 4 will be operated together with Solo-Kertosono Toll Road.

Overall, the Jombang-Mojokerto toll road has 4 toll gates, which are Jombang toll gate (Pesantren village, Tembelang sub-district, Jombang, East Java), Bandar toll gate (in Kayen Village, Bandarkedungmulyo sub-district, Jombang), Mojokerto Barat toll gate ( in Pagerluyung Village, Gedeg Sub-district, Mojokerto, East Java) and Mojokerto toll gate (in Penompo Village, Gedeg Sub-district, Mojokerto).

: Already in operation

: Under construction